The Son of Bigfoot

The Son of Bigfoot 2017
Length:1h 32min.
Genres:Comedy, Family
IMDB:6,2 (1 679)
Director:Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen
Actors:Cinda Adams, George Babbit, Laila Berzins
  • The Son of Bigfoot 2017
  • The Son of Bigfoot 2017
  • The Son of Bigfoot 2017
Adam Once chooses to go on a travel seeking of his long-lost father. The boy is persuaded that his father is a Snowman. Before long he finds affirmation of this and reconciles with his father. He moreover gets to know his newer family and finds that he has acquired the superb abilities of his predecessor. But Adam, without knowing it himself, has brought hardship to the woodland, guarded by his father.

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Comments 2

    1. Caitlin34 1 June 2018 02:10 Reply
      smile Awaesome movie! It's no doubt one of my all time favourites! Though I agree with thomaswilson in saying that the repeated use of "holy crap" is a bad idea
    2. thomaswilson 21 February 2018 13:33 Reply
      I perceived it like a children's cartoon that has terrific animation but relies on a script that may not thrill accompanying parents with its repeated use of the phrase 'holy crap'